LAX Terminal TBIT

LAX Terminal B, also named as TBIT and TB, stands for the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It is located on the western end of the area between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.


Tom Bradley International Terminal is home of 29 carriers and is able to host over 10 million passengers’ year.


TBIT hosts exclusively international flights excepting those flights departing and arriving from Terminal 2.


Please note that the central Great Hall, which is located on the terminal’s core, stands for a premier dining, luxurious shopping and club lounges.




LAX Terminal B consists of the levels as follows:


- First level: Arrivals and baggage claim area with belts A, B and C.

Services: ATMs, currency exchange, interactive visitors’ centers, baggage carts, family restrooms, airport volunteers, VIP services, food, drink and retail concessions.

Find also outside this level ground transportation such as buses, shared ride vans, taxis, LAX shuttles, rental car shuttles.

Transfer passengers to Terminal 3, please use the connector.


- Third level: Ticketing level.

Services: ATMs, currency exchange, luggage carts, US customs and border protection, volunteer information professionals.


- Fourth level: Departures and TSA Passengers Screening.

Boarding gates 101 to 159, distributed into the South Concourse (gates 150 to 159), Great hall (gate 148) and North Concourse (gates 130 to 134). Also, there are the bus gates 136 to 146.

Services: ATMs, currency exchange booths, food, drink and retail concessions, duty free area, free Wi-Fi connection, nursing room, children’s play area and access to boarding gates 119 to 123.


- Food court: between ticketing and Mezzanine.


- Mezzanine level: Find here some airlines lounges plus several food and drink services.

Available lounges: KAL Lounges, Qantas Lounge.


- Sixth level: Airline lounges.

Available lounges: Star Alliance Lounge, Etihad Airways Lounge, LA International Lounge and Emirates Lounge.


Flight status

See the flights status in LAX Terminal B




The services attached below can be found within Tom Bradley Terminal:


- ATMs
- Currency exchange
- Interactive visitors’ centers
- Baggage carts
- Family restrooms
- Airport volunteers
- VIP services
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Luggage carts
- US customs and border protection
- Duty free area
- Nursing room
- Children’s play area
- Airline lounges


See more Services here.



Airport lounges

See the available lounges at LAX Terminal B:


- KAL Lounge: Location: Terminal B, fifth level. Services: Showers.

- Qantas Lounge: Location: Terminal B, fifth level.

- Star Alliance Lounge: Location: Terminal B, sixth level.

- Etihad Airways Lounge: Location: Terminal B, sixth level.

- LA International Lounge: Location: Terminal B, sixth level.

- Emirates Lounge: Location: Terminal B, sixth level.